Learning & Development Consultancy

We know that learning has to make a difference to business performance. And that staff need to be confident to use their learning to help them do their job better. So Duraikan Training consults with you and your staff to pinpoint what people need to learn, or to do differently or better, so that your organisation can meet its business goals. This provides a focus and direction for learning and development.

We highlight learning and development priorities, recommending how to achieve them in a practical and cost-effective manner. We might suggest blending, for example, job shadowing, coaching and group workshops with an element of e-learning.

By working closely with your key staff during implementation we support the rollout of the development programme as well as monitoring its success.

Duraikan Training typically consults with an organisation during three main phases:

1. Review Learning needs2. Design Learning & Development strategy3. Implement & Monitor programme

A Learning Needs Review details the skills, knowledge and attitudes which individuals need to acquire, change or develop. It sets out what staff in each role need to know, the required standard of performance, and a target date for its achievement.

We prepare and present a Learning Needs Review based on a broad spread of information which we gather by working with an organisation in various ways:

  • Interviewing all levels of staff and management.
  • Observing top performers at work.
  • Analysing exactly what skills and knowledge are needed to achieve optimum results.
  • Reviewing appropriate documentation, such as performance management forms.
  • Identifying the barriers, both human and organisational, which need to be overcome in order to maximise performance at every level.

We design programmes of blended learning using some or all of the following approaches:

  • Experiential learning – on-the-job coaching, secondments, project work, job rotation, work shadowing.
  • Group workshops – building skills in a safe environment.
  • Action learning sets – small group with facilitator considers a live issue and works together to devise a solution.
  • Knowledge sharing – discussion groups, on-line/intranet forums.
  • E-learning – interactive modules for individual use

Working with subject experts within your organisation, we combine our expertise to create learning materials which are stimulating and user-friendly.

We can design on-line or paper-based material for learners and instructor guides to assist your staff in leading group workshops.

We help you with the practical steps needed to roll out the learning and development programme and ensure it is effective. We can:

  • Produce a project plan and work with key staff to make it happen on time and to budget
  • Deliver Train the Trainer workshops
  • Train managers to provide quality on-the-job coaching for their staff
  • Provide support for the delivery of online learning
  • Produce tools to measure the value of the programme
  • Monitor success and suggest improvements

Scripts for training videos

Training videos can be a fun and effective way to learn new skills as part of a blended package. By providing staff with access to downloadable films you enable them to engage in learning whenever and from wherever they choose. Duraikan Training can devise scripts for training videos tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. We can also liaise with actors and film production companies to deliver the complete product.

Click below for two short clips from films written by Duraikan Training for Scott Bradbury’s ‘Management Challenges’ series.